When you decide to construct a steel building, there are myriad design possibilities at your fingertips.

Whether you intend to use yours for an agricultural, commercial, industrial or personal purpose, the quality of the materials matters. That’s where our certified building systems make a world of difference, ensuring your building is both strong and durable.

Yet, a steel building frame alone cannot stand. You need a roof to tie it all together and make it functional. This can be a challenging step, especially for a first-time builder uninitiated with the myriad types of roof designs available. 

Not sure where to start? Today, we’re sharing a few different options for your building to help you choose the roof style that will work the best for your project.

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Single Slope

A single slope roof functions and looks as its name implies. It’s a roof that has one slope, which we can attach to steel wall panels of differing heights. Within the industry, you may also hear this style of roof described as a “mono-pitched roof.”

Single slope buildings work well for a variety of purposes and are simple and quick to erect. From multi-bay mini storage facilities to solar panel mounts, their use is multi-faceted so don’t be afraid to get creative!


A gable roof offers a traditional and classic look and is also called a “pitched” or “peaked” roof. Most steel building designs feature either a single slope or gable roof.

This design features two sloping sides that meet in the middle to form a central ridge, creating a triangle shape. You can design a steel building that is side-gabled, front-gabled or even cross-gabled. 

This roof style creates a large amount of usable space within your building’s interior. You can also install lean-tos on any wall to expand the square footage even more.

One advantage of gable roofs is that they’re able to shed both water and snow with ease. Like single slope roofs, they’re also quick and cost-effective to build as opposed to other, more complex designs. 


Looking for a dramatic and impressive roof for your homestead? A monitor roof delivers. This style builds upon a simple gabled roof, adding a raised structure along the top ridge. The roof of that structure runs parallel to the larger, main roof. 

You can choose to have the top structure sit atop your base gabled roof, or it can run its entire length. Keep in mind that while these can look similar in some cases, a monitor roof is not a cupola.

The latter is a small dome on a drum that we can affix to your building’s roof or ceiling. Want to add a bit of rustic charm? Add a weathervane to your cupola for a look that’s both functional and festive.


Gambrel roofs are noticeable in the design of many barns, especially those constructed in the Dutch style. These feature two symmetrical sides, each with a different slope. The upper slope forms more of a shallow angle while the lower slope is steeper. 

Gambrel roofs provide a large overhead space, which many builders will combine with a mezzanine to create a second story inside your barn. They also use only two roof beams in addition to gusset joints, which helps keeps costs low. This is an economical and effective way to increase your usable interior space without changing your foundation size.

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