When you were growing up, did you ever dream of living in the barn? Being close to your horses, listening to your voice echo around the high ceilings, camping out in the hayloft, and rising with the sun – it’s every country kid’s dream.

Well now we’re all grown up, and that dream is becoming a reality with barndominium homes.

Barndominiums are single-story homes built over the top of stables in barn structures. Aside from fulfilling your childhood fantasies, these homes can be amazing for a variety of reasons.

Read on to learn more about this incredible home option.

What Are Barndominiums? 

Barndominiums combine barn space and living space in a stunning and practical blend. You can custom-build a barndo, as they’re called, or remodel an existing barn to include a living space. They’ve been turning up all over Instagram and Pinterest under the hashtag #barndominium.

Most barndos feature rustic cabin-like décor, but you can make them any style you want. Some are incredibly modern, with stainless steel appliances and marble countertops. Others strike a nice balance of country and chic, with long stems of cotton accenting elegant furniture and wood floors.


One of the biggest advantages of having a barndominium is the extra durability it provides. Most of these structures are made of steel, though you can build or remodel a wood structure. Wood or steel, barns are made to stand up to any kind of weather, and barndominiums reap that benefit.

Barndos can handle just about anything Mother Nature cares to throw at them. You won’t have to worry about steel wearing down over time, which can save you thousands in maintenance costs. This lets you focus on the parts of your life where you want to spend money – such as getting more horses. 

Quicker Construction

Whether you’re building or renovating your barndominium, the process of getting your dream home will be much quicker than a usual construction project. Even if you’re building, there are kits available that you just have to assemble on-site. You can have your new home ready to go in as little as two weeks using one of these kits.

If you’re renovating the space, your project may take a little longer than two weeks. But since you won’t have to worry about building the existing structure or foundation, you can cut a huge swath of time out of your home project.

Maximized Space

One of the biggest problems, when you’re designing and building your own home, is finding enough space for everything you need. Barndominiums solve this problem by offering amazing dual-purpose options for your home. You can have a home office if you work from home, as well as plenty of residential living space.

Barndominiums also make use of the space you have more efficiently. Traditional homes have walls between rooms that take up a good several inches each on the floor plan. Barndos use just thin partitions that make your space feel more open and allow you to make use of your full floor plan. 


If you’re trying to minimize your carbon footprint, barndominiums are a great option. Building a traditional house has a huge impact on the environment. From the wood and materials you’re using to the fuel required to power the heavy equipment, home construction is not very eco-friendly.

But barndominiums make the best of the phrase, “Reduce, reuse, recycle!” If you’re renovating a space, you’re reusing structures that are already there, reducing the need for new materials. Most of the materials that go into building a barndo are also eco-friendly and can help you reduce heating and cooling costs in the long term, saving you money and cutting down on your carbon footprint.

Closer to Your Horses

If you’re a horse person, you know the pain of having to slog out to the barn in every kind of weather to take care of the horses. Blistering heat, pouring rain, blizzards, and biting wind – you still have to make that trek out to the barn. But what if you could get rid of those miserable slogs for good?

One of the common features of barndominiums is a stable below the living quarters. Now taking care of your horses will be a matter of going downstairs. Depending on your setup, you may not need to go outside at all to get them what they need.


Of course, life in a barndominium, as in any house, won’t be perfect. Barndos can be somewhat cheaper than building a new house, especially if you’re renovating, but they can require more up-front investment to build from scratch. They are also not immune to wear and tear, so you’ll need to keep a close eye on rot and rust on your home.

Depending on your city ordinances, you may not be allowed to build a barndo in city limits. And if you do, you’re going to get a lot of noise from the outside due to the thin walls.

But overall, these are minor issues that are on par with any of the usual problems you run into with building or buying a house.

Learn More About Barndominium Homes

Barndominium homes are becoming the latest Instagram craze, and we can understand why.

If you’re the kind of person who loves the country life, this can be a great option for you. Barndos are beautiful, durable, eco-friendly, and convenient for any equestrian enthusiasts out there.

If you’d like to start building your barndominium home, get in touch with us at Apex Metal Building Systems today. Our manufacturers have more than fifteen years of experience making sure projects get done right and on time. Get a quote on your project and start building your dream home today.